Feature: Skate Day Sunday Essentials Vol 1

1. Sneakers – should be good ones. I’ve already worn out the pair that are in this photo. bought myself a new pair and i love ’em!
2. Bag – i like cute backpacks cos they’re easier to carry around while cruising.
3. iPod – i never do anything without music. i try to put new tracks in my skate playlist often.
4. Water – staying hydrated is imperative. on a good day i can drink 2 bottles of this size. i know i should be drinking more though.
5. Wallet – money, I.D. and the usual lot
6. Digicam – i love taking pictures. snapshots of my urban adventures make me all giddy.
7. Book – i love reading after a good cruise. resting beneath a shady tree in the park, with book in hand and my board beside me – ugh, it’s absolute pleasure.
8. Helmet(not in photo) – i have yet to buy one. yes, i know i’m stupid to be skating naked but i’m working on it arytie?

That’s about it for now.
Always Skate Safe and Share the Stoke!