In the Skigh with Diamonds: A Bedtime Story

This is the story about a little girl who was an unexpected but lovely surprise. Her name is Skigh.

Before she was even born, Skigh was already loved. Maybe this was due to the fact that her mum, Ma Ju, is one of the best people I have ever met. Upon learning about the pending addition to our little family, her mum’s friends hatched a plan to surprise Ma Ju. On an uneventful day, her future godmothers (including myself) threw Ma Ju a baby shower which turned out to be such a gregarious event.

A few weeks after the big celebration, baby Skigh was born. Ma Ju and Papah were so happy. Grand’rents, aunties, uncles, cousins welcomed Skigh with diamonds (of love). Each of Skigh’s godmothers visited her both in the hospital and at home. She filled all of them with joy.

[photo: @Jujuicehead]

In her fragile disposition, she posses delight in her eyes that can very well be the spark that her mum Ma Ju possesses. She’s one to look out for, Skigh’s the limit. =)