A Glimpse of Bloc Party’s “Four”

From Silent Alarm to A Weekend In The City to Intimacy, Bloc Party had me at first riff. After learning rumors of the band being in musical Limbo, then the inevitable announcement of their hiatus, I was an Indie rock wreck. Nothing compared to their music and the band itself -Kele’s vocals, Rusell’s downstrum riffs, Gordon’s groovy bass, and Matt’s 1-2 kick-snare-kick-kick-snare rhythm.

I don’t know about you, but, when I think about the music that I listen to it always takes me to a time in my life. I travel time through these songs, bands and albums. Bloc Party was a staple in my college life. The blood that pumped through my wistful heart. I was fortunate enough to have such great friends who were into the same kind of music. So, we would go on road trips and play Bloc Party in the car so loudly, we had to open the windows to scream out the lyrics. So you could just imagine how I felt when I knew the boys were doing their own projects. Kele released his solo album, Russell was recruited to Ash, Gordon had his Young Legionnaire.

But after 2 years of rumors, delay and teasers — reunited and it feels so good! A few weeks ago, the boys took to Twitter to announce the trailer for their fourth album aptly named “Four”. The band also revealed that a music video is already in the works.

Watch the trailer:

The highly anticipated album drops August 20, 2012.