Name: Maria Alicia Consuelo C. Dizon (I’m an only child, ok? mom wasted no names haha)
Nickname: Lish
Age: 25
Location: Philippines


MUSIC: My passion for it led me to become a self-taught musician – drums, guitar, piano/keyboard. I write and record my own songs. My current musical idols are Adele & Florence Welch, all-time musical idols are Queen & The Corrs. At one time in my life, I got the opportunity to play drums for one for my biggest Pinoy rock idols – Raymund Marasigan. That was a tremendous honor and a memory I will never forget.

WRITING: This came more naturally to me. I started at the ripe age of 10. What was, at first, just a channel for my emotional ranting slowly evolved into writing fiction narratives. I have written scripts (short film, musical play), short stories. I admit, I’m still in a writer’s block when it comes to my 9-yr old novelette (I’ve been stalling this project). Right now, I’m doing heavy research for a proposed TV script set in late 19th century Philippines. I hope to pitch it to a network when I’m done.

I then ventured into writing movie and music reviews. I don’t like to call myself a ‘critic’. I feel that the term is always associated with arrogant know-it-all’s who have no love for the craft. Reviews should be a mixture of the good and bad anyway and giving respect to the art.

PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMS: I was never good in drawing so I turned to photography and film-making as my venue for visual artistic expression. Before digital photos were the rage, I remember my mom would scold me for using too much film rolls of 36 shots on just photographing our dog.

I’ve been a film geek since I watched The Sound of Music when i was around 7 or 8. My friends and I made a student film for our senior year in college, I got the chance to direct it. I would love to direct again, whether film/tv/music video. I’ve yet to make a career out of that, but who knows.

OTHER LOVES: I love doing my own radio shows. I love longboarding. I love my great friends and family. I love looking at the world in different perspectives.

I love to inspire and be inspired =)

AFTER READING ALL THAT GOBBLEDYGOOK, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: I’m a daydreamer who plays musical instruments, writes to cure boredom, longboards to escape, takes pictures to bridge memory gaps and speaks in accents when drunk. all this in my spare time, cos i need an alternative to the humdrum existence.

Hello and welcome! xoxo