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In the Skigh with Diamonds: A Bedtime Story

This is the story about a little girl who was an unexpected but lovely surprise. Her name is Skigh. Before she was even born, Skigh was already loved. Maybe this was due to… Continue reading

Half-Closed Hearts & Half-Open Wounds

is there such a thing as a simple life? let’s face it, people thrive in complexity, chaos, drama. the idea of simplicity seems to be far-fetched being that people are not satisfied with… Continue reading

Short Story: Random

I miss the life I had before I had been broken,”she whispered as she leaned towards him and put her head on his shoulder. He didn’t know what next to say, but she… Continue reading

5 Sentence Story: Stranger

Robbie tried to spot a familiar face among the crowd. In a sea of people he could see the water was clear. Suddenly, he felt something piercing his chest – the bitter sting… Continue reading

1 Page Story: At The Gallery

The man was of mid-thirties, exuding an air of confidence and mystery in his disposition. As he was scanning the darkly lit room for a familiar face, his eyes drew focus on a… Continue reading

1 Page Story: You, Me, and the Sea

There was a time when nothing I said made sense. Or so they said it was senseless. only the fickle-minded made such statements. Salty, sudden stares drew my mouth dry and perched my… Continue reading