Lacuachera Dresses: Be Fun, Flirty & Free Mix

download HERE Tracklist: 1. Ice Cream – New Young Pony Club 2. Merry Happy – Kate Nash 3. Sad Song – Au Revoir Simone 4. That Beep – Architecture in Helsinki 5. Dance,… Continue reading

Lacuachera: Phoebe’s Travel Mix

download HERE a very belated birthday gift for for @ironicPhoebe Tracklist: 1. Barcelona – Giulia y los Tellarini 2. Hollywood – Marina & The Diamonds 3. Mexico – Incubus 4. Rome – Phoenix 5.… Continue reading

Lullabies: Skigh’s 1st Mixtape

for @Jujuicehead Skigh’s 1st Mixtape download HERE Tracklist: 1. Morning Child – 4Hero 2. You Belong To Me – Jason Wade 3. The Child – Alex Gopher 4. Smells Like Teen Spirit –… Continue reading

Sexy Results: Kars’ Intimate Mixtape

@KarsCabalda a belated birthday present! Sexy Results: Kars’s Intimate Mixtape download HERE. enjoy this playlist to the fullest you sexy beast! :) Tracklist: 1. Here In My Room – Incubus 2. Addicted To… Continue reading

Awesome Randoms: Erika’s Mix

@akirehsiri dearest sister, here is your new mixtape!! download HERE. enjoy :) Tracklist: 1. How Are You Doing? – The Living Sisters 2. I Love London – Crystal Castles 3. We Are Young… Continue reading

Class & Sass: Ms. Elle’s Mixtape

@elleroj Ms. Elle’s Mixtape! download HERE. Hope enjoy stomping yo feet to this :) Tracklist: 1. Stay The Same (Edit) – AutoKratz 2. Royal T – Crookers ft. Roisin Murphy 3. Boys Wanna… Continue reading

Pensive: Chester’s Mixtape

@chesterfabian sweetie, this is your mixtape that has been long overdue. download HERE. hope you enjoy it :) Tracklist: 1. Galaxies – Laura Veirs 2. Who Needs Air – The Classic Crime 3.… Continue reading

The Quintessential Gelo Mixtape

download HERE. hope this simple gift of mine serves you well. you are a rarity and i’m thankful that i have you in my life. enjoy your day, love! xoxo Lish