Filthy & Dirty: My Drums, Your Synth Mixtape

a jam-packed playlist to satisfy one’s banging urges Kick Drum – Shy Child feat. Spank Rock Feel Good – Modestep Hearts (RAR Mix) – I Break Horses The Flipside – Aphrodite & Moloko… Continue reading

Playlist: Night Drive

you can download Playlist: Night Drive here

Playlist: Road Trip

you can download Playlist: Roadtrip here

Playlist: Photography

you can download Playlist: Photography here.

Playlist: Longboard

you can download Playlist: Longboard here

Half-Closed Hearts & Half-Open Wounds

is there such a thing as a simple life? let’s face it, people thrive in complexity, chaos, drama. the idea of simplicity seems to be far-fetched being that people are not satisfied with… Continue reading

Self-Portrait (for Momy)

Stepping On Stones

In An Instant

everything can change. lies become truth. truth becomes strange. eyes can deceive and words can ruin. what was once cherished is slowly consuming. i wish you hadn’t died. days like these would be… Continue reading

Short Story: Random

I miss the life I had before I had been broken,”she whispered as she leaned towards him and put her head on his shoulder. He didn’t know what next to say, but she… Continue reading