Lose Is Losing

Sobs are for stories You hold me down while I watch you take all the glory Take it all with caution Unnecessary This patience, patients patiently Ignoring The battle that is underneath You’s… Continue reading

5 Sentence Story: Stranger

Robbie tried to spot a familiar face among the crowd. In a sea of people he could see the water was clear. Suddenly, he felt something piercing his chest – the bitter sting… Continue reading


never did it occur to me that being here was the only place to be i’m right where i’m supposed to, seeping in this vulnerability.  i look to my right, there is nothing… Continue reading

1 Page Story: At The Gallery

The man was of mid-thirties, exuding an air of confidence and mystery in his disposition. As he was scanning the darkly lit room for a familiar face, his eyes drew focus on a… Continue reading

1 Page Story: You, Me, and the Sea

There was a time when nothing I said made sense. Or so they said it was senseless. only the fickle-minded made such statements. Salty, sudden stares drew my mouth dry and perched my… Continue reading


This is where it stands. This is where it, stands like palm drops on evening hands, greased upon piles of shredded notes bespoke, unspoken. Like whispers in dreams, all of this much like… Continue reading

in an instant

everything can change. lies become truth. truth becomes strange. eyes can deceive and words can ruin. what was once cherished is slowly consuming. i wish you hadn’t died. days like these would be… Continue reading

Visita Iglesia 2012

[vimeo 42388485 w=500 h=375] with @gelo_delacruz


Lacuachera Dresses: Be Fun, Flirty & Free Mix download HERE Tracklist:  1. Ice Cream – New Young Pony Club2. Merry Happy – Kate Nash3. Sad Song – Au Revoir Simone4. That Beep –… Continue reading


Lacuachera: Phoebe’s Travel Mix download HERE a very belated birthday gift for for @ironicPhoebe Tracklist:  1. Barcelona – Giulia y los Tellarini2. Hollywood – Marina & The Diamonds3. Mexico – Incubus4. Rome – Phoenix5.… Continue reading